The Valley Hill Youth Treatment Centre is guided by the vision, mission, values and ethics outlined below.


Strong Saskatchewan youth free from alcohol and drug dependency.


The Valley Hill Youth Treatment Center provides high quality, innovative programs and services that are culturally sensitive and holistic to address substance misuse among Saskatchewan youth.


The Valley Hill Youth Treatment Center is guided by the following values:


  • Respecting the humanity of our clients
  • Being responsive to our clients’ needs and challenges


Family and Community Involvement

  • Foster strong trusting relationships with families and their communities
  • Actively involving families and their communities in the recovery process



Develop and maintain positive relationships with:

  • the center’s surrounding community
  • government and founding partners
  • referring agencies



  • Accountable to Saskatchewan people and youth and other stakeholders


Excellence in Service

  • Incorporate best practices
  • Continued research and development
  • Providing qualified, empathetic employees and encouraging professional development
  • Following ethical standards and meeting criteria for accreditations
  • Holistic in nature and approach considering mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural elements of individuals, families and communities


Respect for:

  • Our Youth
  • Our Employees
  • Our Community
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Spiritual Diversity


Safety for:

  • Our Youth
  • Our Employees
  • Our Community

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Healing and Recovery Journey Program Model

Valley Hill Youth Treatment Centre (VHYTC) is a new facility (opened on September 13, 2012) that offers a six (6) week, 15 single occupancy bed co-ed residential treatment program for Saskatchewan youth 12-17 years of age, dealing with alcohol and drug misuse issues. The centre is located in beautiful Prince Albert just off the north parking lot of the Victoria Hospital on 9th Ave West.

The facility is run by an independent Board of Directors and is fully funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. VHYTC has a partnership with the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC), Prince Albert Parkland Health Region (PAPHR), and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. The program is totally funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

VHYTC is based on a unique, highly effective model for alcohol and drug misuse healing. At VHYTC, we guide participants through a Six (6) Phases Treatment [Healing and Recovery Journey] designed to improve their awareness, motivation, insight, and preparedness to maintain long-term alcohol and drug recovery and healing. This is done with compassion and a long-term individualized Healing and Recovery Journey Plan and the skills required to managing the adverse effects of alcohol and drug misuse.

Participants will live, attend school, and participate in group activities with other participants and qualified employees and teacher. They will spend the majority of their time participating in therapeutic group and academic activities, recreational adventures, and will gain exposure to new opportunities and coping styles.

The facility is equipped with a smudge/prayer room, a classroom that is for Youth [Participants]. Our teacher will work with participants to develop strategies to help achieved success and increase individual learning base on their identified needs.

The goal of residential treatment is to stabilize youth and provide them with skills that will allow them to return home or move to another appropriate living environment.

“Every participant deserves an opportunity for holistic health” is the foundation of our program. We follow the popular thinking that “we don’t treat alcohol and drug misuse – we treat participants who are struggling to overcome the challenging effects of alcohol and drug misuse”

For more information about our program and the intake process contact

Valley Hill Youth Treatment Centre
P. O. Box 761
2101 10th Avenue West
Prince Albert, SK, S6V 5S2
toll free: 1 855 764 7644
phone: 306 764 2311
fax: 306 764 2377

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