Name: Cassie Petit

Position: Clinical Supervisor

Staff member since: August 20, 2015

 Achievements: Masters in Indigenous Social Work

The Clinical supervisor oversee’s the day-to-day operation of the treatment program and provides clinical counselling leadership, education, and direction to staff. Also manages and lead all aspects of the youth programming such as planning, design, implementation, and evaluation. The responsibilities are planning, coordinating and participates an interdisciplinary clinical team approach, effectively utilizing the resources provided by the community partners. The Supervisor also is the lead role with the consultation service, case planning, case management, and for clients and family involvement of VHYTC. The Clinical Supervisor takes the direction of the Executive Director and in support of the clinical team within a framework of best practices and evidence-based treatment principles.  In supporting the coordination of new and/or existing programs to ensure community of VHYTC needs are being met.


Name: Robert Fitzpatrick

Position: Clinical Supervisor

Staff member since: July 2,2013

 Achievements: Additions Services

The Executive Director, is responsible for monitoring  the organization’s needs, services and programs. He provides insight and leadership in program delivery and evaluating treatment success. With a strong background in addictions management, the Director provides recommendations and makes decisions regarding long-term planning, program development and coordination.


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