Frequently Asked Questions.

Admission Criteria for accessing treatment services through this facility will include, but will not be limited to the following:

  • Youth must be between the ages of 12 and 17.
  • Youth must be experiencing problems primarily related to drug and/or alcohol misuse.
  • Participants with physical and/or psychiatric disabilities which would prevent participation in the program structure and/or activities will be admitted on a case-by case basis.
  • A medical professional will be consulted for those with physical and/or psychiatric disabilities.
  • Participants who have pending legal problems of such nature as to negatively affect participation in treatment will not be admitted to the Centre until the circumstances have been resolved.
  • The youth must be willing to accept all program guidelines and program limitations prior to admission into the Centre.
  • In order to ensure the safety of all participants and staff, participants with a history of excessive physical violence, sexual violence and/or behavioural concerns may not be admitted to the Centre.
  • The assigned Case Worker will work with the community referral agent to determine appropriateness for treatment on a case-by-case basis.


Youth accessing services within the Centre will be expected to agree to the following

  • Remain substance free while admitted to the facility.
  • Actively participate in treatment planning, programming and related activities.
  • Be respectful of self, participants, staff, visiting services/programming and the facility.
  • Maintain confidentiality while in and following discharge from the facility.
  • Be responsible for personal housekeeping, including making own bed and maintaining assigned room, washing and drying personal laundry, and completing assigned chores on a rotational chore schedule.


What items should I bring with me to VHYTC?

You will be involved in many activities while at Valley Hill. Please bring necessary personal items such as: hairbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, seasonal clothing (appropriate clothing for winter), swimwear, runners, indoor shoes/slippers and gym wear. Please refrain from clothing that (advertises/promotes chemical use and/or gang activity. Please remember to bring your Health Card. We also ask people not to bring colognes, and perfumes, as Valley Hill is a “scent free” facility. We strongly discourage the lending of personal items, as this can create conflict as well as hygiene issues.


What do I need to take care of before I come to VHYTC?

Take care of appointments such as dental, doctor, and court dates etc. before you arrive at VHYTC. Remember to complete all admission application/information and your medical. This is a good time to ask your worker for help.


Will I need any money while I’m in treatment?

Yes …The usual amount to bring is $20.00 a week. Your money will be given to you in $10.00 amounts.


What about smoking?

Valley Hill Youth Treatment Centre is non smoking.


Can I have any visitors?

Visiting with your family is permitted at a specific time unless other arrangements are made. All visits must be pre-approved by the staff.


What about phone calls?

All phone calls require approval and are usually to family members only.



At Valley Hill you will be living with a group of people. It is important that we all make an effort to help out. Participants are expected to keep their room tidy, make their bed and do other assigned chores. On Sunday, we spend time cleaning our rooms, changing bed linen and completing minor chores. Laundry facilities and soap are provided for your use.



  • Valley Hill promotes respect for you, for others, and for property. This means we have ZERO tolerance for any threatening, violent and intimidating behaviors and damage to the building.
  • We do room searches at Valley Hill to ensure the safety of you and the building. This means we may have to read your personal writings if we are concerned about the safety of yourself or others.
  • Due to safety concerns for other participants, you will be asked not to communicate with community members.
  • Chemical Use: There is ZERO tolerance for any form of drug and/or alcohol use. If you choose to abuse chemicals, you will be invited to take a break from treatment and perhaps return when you are ok.
  • Relationships: We strongly believe that one should be focusing on themselves when in treatment for drug/alcohol misuse. Participants that engage in romantic relationships lose focus on recovery issues and are asked to take a break from treatment and return at a later date.


Do I have to share a room with someone else?

No. Each participant will have their own room. You will however have shared washroom facilities with participants of the same sex.


Length of program?

The length of stay may vary as individual plans are established with each participant. A typical length of stay will be six (6) weeks. You will be expected to remain at VHYTC for the duration of your treatment program.


What Activities are at Valley Hill?

Programming focuses on individual and group counseling sessions, First Nations cultural activities, classroom time to keep up on school assignments and other learning opportunities, modular learning, AA/NA or Alateen meetings, and volunteer work. You will also participate in a variety of recreation and leisure activities. If you are registered in school, we encourage you to bring your books and school assignments.



Participants are asked to be in their rooms by 10:00 P.M. Wake up is at 7:45 A.M, Monday to Friday, and at 10:00 A.M on Saturday and Sunday.


Family Program

If you choose to have your family involved in your treatment, you can meet with the staff to set up a program tailored to meet the needs of your family.



We ask that you do not bring your personal CD’s/ IPods/ MP3 players/laptops/ etc.

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