Treatment Program


Valley Hill Youth Treatment Centre [VHYTC] offers a six [6] week, 15 single occupancy bed co-ed residential Healing and Recovery Journey [Treatment] program for Saskatchewan youth [Participants]12-17 years of age, dealing with alcohol and drug misuse issues. The centre is located in beautiful Prince Albert just off the north parking lot of the Victoria Hospital on 10th Avenue West.

The facility is run by an independent Board of Directors and is fully funded by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health. VHYTC has a partnership with the Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC), Prince Albert Parkland Health Region (PAPHR), and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

VHYTC is based on a Biopsychosocial Model that is a unique and highly effective for alcohol and drug misuse Healing and Recovery. At VHYTC, we guide Participants through a Six (6) Phases Healing and Recovery Journey [Treatment] designed to improve their awareness, motivation, insight, and preparedness to maintain long-term alcohol and drug Healing and Recovery. This is done with compassion and a long-term Healing Journey and Recovery plan and the skills required managing the adverse effects of alcohol and drug misuse.

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