6 Phases

The Six Phases of the Healing/Recovery Journey Model

A six (6) phase model that includes a Biopsychosocial approach necessitates a comprehensive continuum of Healing and Recovery and a supportive service that is required to meet adequately the extent of complex needs and services of Participants.

The VHYTC Healing and Recovery Journey model will put Participants in the best possible position to overcome their alcohol and drug misuse and enjoy a lifelong Healing and Recovery Journey.

  1. Phase One: Incentive (week one)
    To help Participants identify their personal rationale for getting and staying clean and sober

  2. Phase Two: Awareness (week two)
    To increase insight and awareness about self and the nature of alcohol and drug misuse

  3. Phase Three: support (week three)
    To develop and utilize a sober support system that has permission and is encouraged to provide feedback and direction

  4. Phase Four: Vigilance
    To determine specific triggers that can lead to relapse and develop a solid relapse prevention plan

  5. Phase Five: Preparations
    To develop concrete, specific, and measurable discharge plan that addresses the Participant’s issues and provides the most opportunity for continued Recovery

  6. Phase Six: Preparation/Summary Overview
    To do a review and summary of their Healing and Recovery plan and consolidating everything that was learned for optimal success for continued Recovery

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