Phase 6: Overview

Goal – To do a review and summary of their Healing and Recovery plan and consolidating everything that was learned for optimal success for continued Recovery.


The first year is the most challenging in the Healing and Recovery Journey.  Participants will review all the work done during their stay at VHYTC and ensure that the key points are incorporated in their Healing and Recovery Journey Plan.  They will follow a check list to help them with this critical work.

During this phase, the Participants finalize and solidify their Healing and Recovery Journey plan.

This phase includes activities [modular learning, movies, and other activities]

  • Review Healing and Recovery Plan
  • Review of the Wellness Wheel
  • A list of community resources
  • Review of the Process of Change


Possible Outcomes


  • Developing awareness and comfort in seeking support in individual communities
  • Able to change thoughts and behaviours
  • Working in partnership [ask and obtain need support]
  • Have a self-initiated Healing and Recovery Journey plan that includes relapse prevent
  • Use the learned developed skills
  • Ability to tolerate peer pressure and stress
  • Ability to understand and  to say no in stressful situation [triggers]
  • Communicate freely, laughing at and learning from the past
  • Knowledge of what Participant wants from life
  • Optimism: hope for the future

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