Continuing Care

It is relatively easy to stay clean and sober while at VHYTC, but it can be very difficult following discharge.  For this reason, we continue to work with Participants for at least one (1) year after completing our program.

We do not refer to our post-treatment phase as aftercare; instead, we call it Continuing Care.  We will contact each Participant for follow-up and support on a monthly basis.

The best predictor of outcome is what happens after they leave VHYTC if they follow their healing plan and use the identified supports.

The Community Liaison Worker will contact Participants at regular intervals [weekly during the first month then at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months] to check on progress and provide support.  Participants are encouraged to call when they require support.  In addition, the Community Liaison Worker will contact members of the identified sober support community to assess progress and provide any support required.

The contact will be done by the pre-established mode of communication (email, telephone call, letter, or text message).  There will be a secure place on the VHYTC website where Participants can contact us for follow up support, answer any questions and help us to keep in touch.

We will attempt to locate a similar group for Participants who live out of the area.  VHYTC will always provide telephone, text messaging and email support to Participants who have successfully completed our drug Healing and Recovery program.  After six (6) months of successful Healing and Recovery, we will invite alumni to return to speak to the new Participants.

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