Participant Orientation

During the he first two [2] days at VHYTC, the Participants are involved in Participant Orientation. This is a time for Participants to get rest, get comfortable, and be more “grounded” prior to starting of the six [6] Phase Healing and Recovery Program

Nutritious food, good sleep habits, and exercise are an essential and important part of Healing and Recovery. Participants will learn to eat nutritious meals, get some exercise and sleep eight [8] hours a night in order to repair the damage [emotional and physical] done to their bodies of any recent traumas.

This is also an opportunity for Employees to review the Participant Orientation Package with them, answer any questions, review the schedule, build, and establish a rapport and trust with the Participants.

During the Participant Orientation period, the Addiction Counsellor and/or Youth Care Workers have the opportunity to complete several Assessment Tools with the Participant, which enables the team to have a clearer picture of the Participants alcohol and drug misuse and a comprehension of other prevailing issues and challenges.

At this time, preliminary Healing and Recovery Journey goals are mutually established that will be enhanced during Phase One of the program.

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