The Environment

Participants are viewed as the centre’s most important resource. It is the responsibility of VHYTC to provide a safe, healthy, therapeutic, and non-judgemental environment within which change may take place. The uniqueness of each individual Participant is recognized and valued. The basic rights to nutritional food, rest, shelter, education, recreation, health care, spiritual connection, and counselling provided in a safe environment are fundamental.

The least restrictive [discouraging] environment will be provided to all Participants. VHYTC attempts to ensure this philosophy while maintaining the ability to provide any needed structure as determined by the Healing and Recovery Journey needs

Participants will live, attend school, and participate in group activities with other Participants, qualified employees, and a teacher. They will spend the majority of their time participating in modular learning, therapeutic groups, academic activities, recreational adventures, cultural experiences, and will gain exposure to new opportunities and healthy coping styles.

The facility is equipped with a smudge/prayer room, a classroom that is for Participants to participate in school assignments that are brought in upon arrival or sent in, and to assist Participants to integrate/reintegrate back to school.

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